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10 Interesting Facts About Jun Ji Hyun


Here are some interesting facts about Hallyu star and South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun that you might not know:

1. Jun Ji Hyun’s English name is Gianna Jun, while her real name is Wang Ji Hyun.

2. She’s in the entertainment industry for 19 years but only appeared in 4 dramas in her entire career.

3. In 1997, she first appeared in a fashion magazine named Ecole.

4. She also became an emcee of Inkigayo in SBS.

5. In 2012, she married the grandson of Lee Young Hee, a famous hanbok designer.

6. She met her non-celebrity husband during her elementary days. They went to the same elementary school.

7. My Sassy Girl made her a Hallyu star. In the movie, she was paired with Cha Tae Hyun.

8. She was pregnant with her first child while she was filming the movie Assassination.

9. She is currently taking up her master’s degree at Dongguk University, Graduate School of Digital Media and Contents.

10. The movie The Thieves revived her career in 2012 and continued to star in hit films and drama after that.


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